Know More about Teaching Careers, Opportunities and Problems

Teaching is not a thing for everybody – there is hardly a person who would argue that. What we observe, however, is a sad contradiction. Teachers are not paid much, but they are required to work hard and bend their necks down under huge responsibility. On the other hand, being a teacher is rewarding like nothing else. Understanding that the product of one’s efforts is a full grown Person that has not only knowledge, but also life views, opinions and judgments is not just exciting – it’s breathtaking. Therefore, teaching is probably one of the most widely discussed areas. Primary education, special education, school and college education – all of these are its branches with their own issues and debates. Our blog is one of those who try to instruct people about what being a teacher means and what is required to become one.

We start with explaining you the basics of teacher education or training, as it is often called. From our posts, you will learn everything about stages of teacher programs and the contents of curricula. We also pay attention to how one can use modern technologies, such as the Internet, to help oneself in his studies or professional activity.

If you are thinking about a career in special education, we also have something for you. In one of our posts we consider what steps one should take to become a special ed teacher and describe various educational opportunities, as well as personal qualities required.

Are you a parent who wants to make sure that a child will get the best early education teacher? Read to know how to conduct an interview.

We try to address the most current and pressing issues of teaching and post regularly. Our writing team consists of – quite expectedly – former and still working teachers, who can share their experiences with our readers. Follow us, and learn more about problems a teacher faces in his career and how to tackle them. Find out what makes people choose to become a teacher, and what the main reason to quit is. Finally, read about great joys and disappointment of a teacher’s life. All of this is to come in our posts, and you will be able to read them as soon as we write.

Teaching deserves to be discussed and researched, and we would like to make our humble contribution to the process. Whoever you are, a student contemplating a career or an experienced teacher with a vast body of knowledge, we will try to find something just for you. Stay in touch, and we will try to make it worthwhile for you.