Preparing for winter

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Vacation is over, and we all went back to their jobs to their sedentary lifestyle, and we have pulled hard autumn blues. In general, winter is accompanied by the arrival of sorrowful sighs, sneezing and coughing.

So, you should make some preparation for the winter to the prevention of infectious diseases should begin in advance so that the years do not get sick longer and with complications, not to bother with education you can order an essay at coursework writing service. After all, the stock of our body strength is not limitless, and the epidemic of SARS and influenza continues from October to March. The way our body is prepared for this period depends, we get sick or not, and to what extent the severity of these diseases will be for us.

Let us see what you can do for your loved body without waiting for an emergency mobilization of forces immunity with the onset of winter.

  1. The first thing to do is to review your diet and make up a balanced diet. Attempts were made to strengthen the immune system in anticipation of winter, ignoring the importance of a balanced diet – it is like building a house without a foundation. The main principles are as follows: we eat foods must be ingested in the correct proportions: protein – 15% fat – 20% carbohydrates – 65%.

The protein can replace animal diet contained in legumes – soya, beans, and lentils. This is especially recommended for those who are watching their weight! Animal fats should be replaced with vegetable maximum, use “complex” carbohydrates from foods rich in fiber (whole wheat bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables). The need can be met in a sweet honey and dried fruits. Eating well, you will never be hungry, significantly lose weight and get healthier intestinal micro flora than his immunity will render an invaluable service.

  1. Start taking multivitamins as reserves of natural vitamins, coming from food is not enough. Though we have got vitamins in the summer – in the winter they “do not postpone.” Multivitamins will be a necessary complement to your balanced diet.
  2. Move! Walk, run, dance – in a word, you choose any suitable type of physical activity. In winter, it is great to help resist the virus attacks.
  3. Influence of viruses primarily affects the lungs. If you smoke, set a goal to quit smoking before winter. A more nicotine constricts blood vessels and throws the body into oxygen “hunger.” In winter, it is especially dangerous.

About the Author: Marry Roger is a student. She is interested in healthy life style.